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Compare car loans – Borrow to low interest car

Compare car loans – Borrow to low interest car

By starting an application through Good Finance you will be able to compare offers and terms offered to you by the lenders we work with. You never commit to accept any of the loan proposals you are offered by our business partners when you start an application and you can always finish the comparison whenever you want, but when the loan comparison starts with a submitted application, no right of withdrawal is offered for the comparison.

You have a right of withdrawal in the case of insurance brokerage or at the conclusion of a loan agreement in accordance with current consumer protection legislation.

Credit information and information collection


When you apply for a loan comparison at Good Finance, a credit report is made about you and your potential co-applicant with UC AB. This means that UC will register a so-called inquiry on you. Subsequently, the lenders who cooperate with Good Finance, whose basic filter (“Filtering”) which you and your potential co-applicant pass on based on information collected about you and the information you provide, may, for a limited time, order a credit report on you without further registration. credit information in order to offer you a loan proposal.

By submitting information about you or a co-applicant to Good Finance, you agree to Good Finances’s terms and at the same time, ensure that the information provided is accurate and that you have the necessary approval for the information you provide about a co-applicant. If you feel that the information we have collected, which you have provided or that Filtering has been done on incorrect grounds, you can contact customer service @ Good Finance.

Responsibility in connection with our services


Before applying for a loan, it is important that you look at your finances by, for example, make a budget. Use the Consumer Agency’s tools to make a budget calculation.

Information, calculations and recommendations provided by Good Finance should only be considered as indicative suggestions. It is up to you to evaluate and check the information we provide about our partners’ offers before entering into an agreement. Good Finance is responsible for the information provided not being intentional or as a result of negligence on our part incorrect or misleading. For more on Good Finances responsibility see the Consumer Credit Act, the Act on Certain Business with Consumer Credit, the Law on Insurance Mediation and the Law on Distance Contracts and Agreements outside business premises.

The agreements that you sign with lenders and with Good Finances other cooperatives are agreements that are valid between you and the lender / cooperator. Good Finance is not responsible for any damage or loss that arises because you choose to enter into, or refrain from entering into, an agreement with any of the companies we partner with.

Good Finance can never make any warranty or commitment, or otherwise make any commitment on behalf of any of our partners. The decision on granting loan offers or agreements is never with Good Finance.

Changes, law, contact and dispute


We reserve the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions. We notify you of this by publishing the updated version on our website or in our privacy policy.

If the changes can be considered as significant or affect your existing engagement with us, we may need your consent for that change, which we will then obtain from you well in advance to offer you a chance to take a position on the change and possibly oppose it. you change before such a change occurs.

Good Finances’ processing of your personal data when using the Services is governed by Swedish law.